Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 142

24 February 2009

Day 141

23 February 2009

The 360 overlook of downtown Austin

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 140

22 February 2009- My lettuce seedlings are doing ok. Except the one some bug has already nibbled on.

Day 139

21 February 2009

A last minute "oh I only have snapshots of the baby!" picture. It turns out I love the play of the light in this image. This is a reason to use a SLR, or other camera with manual capabilities. The image sensor of a camera will typically say picture like this is too dark and over expose it, even though the parts of the picture that are being focused on are correctly exposed, so you have to "outsmart" the camera to get the picture you are trying for. This is also the reason pictures taken in the snow turn out too dark, because the camera doesn't know the image is supposed to be almost all white.

Day 138

20 February 2009- Contra Bass Windchimes at The Great Outdoors in South Austin.

I lust after these chimes. It doesn't sound much like a windchime at all because the pitch is so pure and mellow. Why don't I get them you might ask? Well first of all I don't have a tree big enough for them. Second of all:

Day 137

19 February 2009- Focusing fail! Also, clean baby fail! (check out the sweet potato on her nose)

Day 136

18 February 2009- Baku checks out the backyard. Check out the plethora of kitty nos prints on the window. I clean it weekly, but it always seems to look like that!


17 February 2009

Experimental Photography. Blogged about here. More of it on Flickr

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 134

16 February 2009- Back in Austin, there was rain. Spring is here and so are the dandelions.

Day 133

15 February 2009- Lorelei tries to help out her dad with a game of Rummikube

Day 132

14 February 2009- Garden windmill in Pennsylvania. Through a window. Because it was way too cold out there.

Day 131

13 February 2009- Alpaca Attacka!

Dun dun dun...

Day 130

12 February 2009- Continuing Baby Picture Overload, Lorelei checks out the nifty low to the ground TV at her Great Grandparent's house

Day 129

11 February 2009- A furnace at the Corning Glass Museum, Corning, New York.

Day 128

10 February 2009- Excuse the overload of baby pictures... we've been busy and she's a ready and willing subject. Here, she decides she wants to eat her boarding pass on the plane to Newark.

Day 127

9 February 2009- Lorelei practices an Elvis sneer

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 126

8 February 2009- What IS this face? Whatever she's thinking it sure is cute.

Day 125

7 February 2009- I've been drawing! Now if I could just locate my watercolors, I'd be set. I'm thinking of putting a few drawings up on my Etsy, but I'm not sure if anyone would buy any of it-- or what kind of price to put on them.

Day 124

6 February 2009- Examine, then Cheese!

Day 123

5 February 2009- We went to the monthly meetup of the Midwives--- Mary hadn't seen Lorelei since our 6 week checkup.

Day 122

4 February 2009- My broccoli grew something edible!

Day 121

3 February 2009- A view of lake Austin from the deck of Mozart's Coffee Roasters

Day 120

2 February 2009- Baby and cat peer at each other through the plastic that's supposed to block the dust when we are remodeling

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 119

1 February 2009- A friend has an awesome view out his office window. Unfortunately the squirrels were all in hiding today

Day 118

31 January 2009- The Scene of the Crime

Day 117

30 January 2009- Went to Ecology action and dropped off some scrap metal for recycling.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 116

29 January 2009- Watch out world (and cats!) we have a scooting baby. She really likes trapping herself under the table I keep my laptop on for some reason.

Day 115

28 January 2009- Classic kids toy. They don't make 'em like this anymore.

Day 114

27 January 2009- Being watched while I load the stroller into the trunk of my car

Day 113

26 January 2009- Hangin' out, trying on new clothes from grandma, crawling on a chair

Day 112

25 January 2009- The lonely fate of baby toys at naptime

Day 111

24 January 2009- Baku got under the plastic we are attempting to protect the floor with in our living room while we do some remodeling

Day 110

23 January 2009- Little Miss Muffet and friends. Wade miniatures, they are. Waiting to be sold on Etsy